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Make an adoption plan. 

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If you don’t believe you are ready to be a parent and know that you don’t want an abortion, adoption is a viable option. Each year over 50,000 women in America make this choice. As a birth parent you have much to say about your child’s future. Will you have an open or closed adoption plan? Will you use an agency or do you want to plan on looking into a private adoption? Do you want siblings for your child? These are all questions that we can help you answer when you make an appointment at our center. Just like any option for your pregnancy, adoption can seem scary, but we are here to address your questions and concerns.


Is Adoption Right For Me and My Child?

  • I don’t want to have an abortion

  • I want my child to have emotional and financial stability

  • I want my child to grow up with two parents

  • A child might get in the way of my future plans, like school and work

  • I’m too young or not ready to become a parent right now

If these desires resonate with you and your situation, adoption might be the right choice for you.

When making an adoption plan, you are in the driver’s seat. At the Women's Center of Eastern Connecticut, our staff can help you understand the different types of adoptions and how each would work with your unique situation. We are here to help!


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Learn more about 
Abortion | Adoption | Parenting

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